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Primary Sale Type: Tax Lien Certificate Secondary Type(s): Tax Deed (where available) OTC Sale Date(s): Annually: April - May Bid Type: Premium Bidding Rate of Return: 12% per annum (Liens) Redemption Period: 3 years from date of sale (Liens) Over-the-Counter: Statute Section(s): Code of Alabama Sections 40-10-1 through 40-10-198, Articles 1-7 State Website: State Overview: There are 67 counties in Alabama. County Directory The two most populous areas in Alabama are Jefferson (658,000+) and Mobile (412,000+) County. Search Demographics: Alabama is a tax lien certificate state, but also offers tax deeds in selected counties. Tax sales are usually conducted in or in front of the county courthouse building or any other county owned buildings. Investors will need to register prior to the auction, although most counties will allow you to register the day of the auction. Upon registration investors will be given a bidding number which will be ...

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