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Primary Sale Type: Tax Deed Secondary Type(s): OTC Sale Date(s): Varies: Set by taxing jurisdiction Bid Type: Varies: Set by taxing jurisdiction Rate of Return: NA Redemption Period: NA Over-the-Counter: Statute Section(s): AK Statutes – Title 29, CH 45, Artical 2 State Website: State Overview: There are 16 Boroughs and 11 Geographical Census Areas in Alaska used in place of counties. County Directory The two most populous areas in Alaska are the Municipality of Anchorage (260,000+) and Fairbanks North Star Borough (82,000+.) Search Demographics: Alaska is classified as a Tax Deed state which has boroughs rather than counties. Every year the tax collector will issue tax lien certificates on delinquent properties and send them directly to the county for filing. One year from the time the tax lien was originally issued, a tax sale will be eligible. The borough then may sell the property in accordance with the …

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