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Primary Sale Type: Tax Lien Certificate Secondary Type(s): Tax Deed OTC Sale Date(s): Annually: February Bid Type: Bidding-Down-Interest Rate of Return: 16% per annum – maximum interest (Liens) Redemption Period: 3 years from date of sale (Liens) Over-the-Counter: Liens Statute Section(s): Arizona Revised Statutes – Title 42, CH 18 State Website: State Overview: There are 14 counties in the state of Arizona. County Directory The two most populous areas in Arizona are Maricopa (3,990,000+) and Pima (1,003,000+) County. Search Demographics: Arizona is a Tax Lien Certificate state, but also offers Tax Deeds in select counties through the County Board of Supervisors.. Tax sales are held annually in the month of February. Many of the counties make the lists available / hold auctions online and provide online resources for researching. OTC sales are available from March to December. Auction Process / Redemption: Tax sales are held either online or at …

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