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Primary Sale Type: Redeemable Tax Deed
Secondary Type(s): NA
Sale Date(s): Monthly: when available
Bid Type: Premium Bidding
Rate of Return: 15% flat penalty
Redemption Period: 60 days from date of sale
Over-the-Counter: NA
Statute Section(s): DE Code - Title 9, CH 87
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State Overview:

There are 3 counties in the state of Delaware. The two most populous areas in Delaware are New Castle (538,000+) and Sussex (197,000+) County.

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Delaware is a Redeemable Tax Deed state, giving the homeowner 60 days to redeem before the investor may foreclose and activate the purchased deed. Tax sales are conducted by the county sheriff, and are subject to approval by the Department of Finance (or the chief county financial officer.)

Auction Process / Redemption:

Tax sales are conducted by the county Sheriff at public oral auctions. Investors will need to register prior to the auction. Parcels are won through the 'Premium Bid' system. Typically there is a 15% penalty, subject to a 60 day redemtion period, but this may vary in accordance with the individual county's preferences.

The state statutes in Delaware allow the counties more than one option to handle their tax sales. In some cases you will see a 20% penalty with a one year redemption period, or you may see a 15% penalty with 60 day redemption period. After the sale the county attorney has to approach the Supreme Court and petition for completion of the sale.

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