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Primary Sale Type: Tax Deed
Secondary Type(s): OTC
Sale Date(s): Annually: June - September
Bid Type: Premium Bidding
Rate of Return: NA
Redemption Period: NA
Over-the-Counter: Deed
Statute Section(s): Idaho Code - Title 31, CH. 8, Title 63, CH. 10
State Website:

State Overview:

There are 44 counties in the state of Idaho.

County Directory

The two most populous areas in Idaho are Ada (300,000+) and Canyon (131,000+) County.

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Idaho utilizes a Tax Deed system to collect delinquent property taxes. If the property taxes have not been paid by the property owners for a period of three years the County Tax Collector will create a tax deed, which the Board of County Commissioners will then sell at public auction.

Auction Process / Redemption:

Idaho uses a 'Premium Bid' system with the Board of County Commissioners reserving the right to reject any and all bids. The minimum bid is determined by the County Commissioners, but is based on a recommendation given by the County Treasurer. The minimum bid usually consists of all delinquent taxes, penalties, interests, pending issue fees, recording fees, and publication costs for notice of the sale, however the County Commissioners may determine otherwise.

State Resources:

Resource Description Instructions and Additional Information
Idaho Association of County Treasurers Contact information for all 44 County Treasurers. NA
Idaho Association of Counties website Links to Idaho counties having websites. Thereafter, click on the "Counties" link and after arriving at the next webpage, click on "County Home Pages" link.