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Sale Type: Tax Lien Certificate Secondary Type(s): NA Sale Date(s): Annually: 3rd Monday in June Bid Method: Varies: set by county Interest Rate: 24% per annum / 2% per month Redemption Period: 2 years from date of sale Over-the-Counter: NA Statute Section(s): Code of IA - Title X , CH 446 - 448 State Website: State Overview: There are 99 counties in the state of Iowa. County Directory The two most populous areas in Iowa are Polk (374,000+) and Linn (191,000+) County. Search Demographics: Iowa is classified as a Tax Lien Certificate state. On the third Monday in June of each year, the County Treasurer will conduct a public sale of all the parcels that are delinquent on their property taxes. Any parcels not bid on will be reoffered as many times as necessary following the annual June sale, at a 'Public Bidder' sale. The tax sale is conducted ...

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