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Primary Sale Type: Tax Lien Certificate
Secondary Type(s): NA
Sale Date(s): Annually: July - October
Bid Type: First Priority Liens, then Random Selection
Rate of Return: 12% per annum
Redemption Period: 1 year from date of sale
Over-the-Counter: NA
Statute Section(s): KY Revised Statutes - Title IX, CH 91, Title XI, CH 134
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State Overview:

There are 120 counties in Kentucky.

County Directory

The two most populous areas in Kentucky are Jefferson (741,000+) and Fayette (295,000+) County.

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Kentucky is classified as a Tax Lien Certificate state. You must preregister with the Department of Revenue to participate in any tax sale. You will be eligible to begin purchasing certificates of delinquency from any tax year 60 days from the date your application is received by the Department of Revenue. Since most

State Resources:

Resource Description Instructions and Additional Information
Department of Revenue of Kentucky Links to download forms / procedures , etc. NA
Kentucky State Board of Education Contact information for all 120 County Clerks. NA