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Primary Sale Type: Redeemable Tax Deed
Secondary Type(s): NA
Sale Date(s): Varies: set by taxing jurisdiction
Bid Type: Varies: set by taxing jurisdiction
Rate of Return: 16% per annum
Redemption Period: 6 months from date of sale
Over-the-Counter: NA
Statute Section(s): MA General Laws - CH 60
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State Overview:

There are 14 counties in Massachusetts and 351 towns and cities. Massachusetts often holds their sales on the municipal level.

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The two most populous areas in Massachusetts are Middlesex (1,503,000+) and Worcester (798,000+) County.

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Massachusetts is a Redeemable Tax Deed state and does not offer any Tax Lien Certificates. The collector shall give notice by publication of the time and place of sale of land for nonpayment of taxes. If the taxes are not paid, the collector shall, at the time and place appointed for the sale, sell by public auction the property for which taxes are delinquent.

Auction Process / Redemption:

Tax sale dates and procedures may vary greatly depending on the specific municipalities preferences. Contact the local tax collector to determine the exact tax sale procedures in the area that interests you. Winning bidders are awarded a tax deed subject to a 6 month redemption period before the winning bidder may take action to foreclose on the property owners right to redeem. If the property owner does redeem within the allotted grace period, they are responsible to repay the full cost of the purchased tax deed together with 16% interest.

'Taking' - a process carried out only in Massachusetts. This is when the Municipality takes action against a tax delinquent property owner, and attempts to gain ownership of the property through the land court process. The Municipality must prove to the county in the land court that the tax payer is delinquent and the court will grant the property to the Municipality, after which they may choose to sell it, or absorb it into the City, and so forth. The land court process takes as long as 18-24 months.

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