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Primary Sale Type: Tax Deed
Secondary Type(s): OTC
Sale Date(s): Varies: set by local taxing jurisdiction
Bid Type: Premium Bidding
Rate of Return: NA
Redemption Period: NA
Over-the-Counter: Deed
Statute Section(s): Minnesota Statutes - CH 279-282
State Website: www.state.mn.us

State Overview:

There are 87 counties in Minnesota.

County Directory

The two most populous areas in Minnesota are Hennepin (1,116,000+) and Ramsey (511,000+) County.

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Minnesota is classified as a Tax Deed state. Tax delinquent lands are forfeited to the state in May of each year. If the homeowner does not redeem their property from the state, it will be sold at a public oral auction organized by the local auditor. Sales are held annually, usually in autumn months, and those parcels offered that do not sell will be available as OTC, until sold.

Auction Process / Redemption:

Sales are held at public oral auction, though many counties will allow you to submit a mailed bid prior to the sale, to be read aloud upon commencement of bidding. The county auditor shall then offer the parcels of land in order in which they appear in the notice of sale. Minnesota adhears to the 'Premium Bid' system, with the mimimum bid set as the full assessed value of the property. There is no interest rate or redemption period applicable, as these lands have already been forfeited to the state.

The parcels must be sold for cash only, unless the county board of the county has adopted a resolution providing for their sale on terms, in which event the resolution controls with respect to the sale. When the sale is made on terms other than for cash only (1) a payment of at least ten percent of the purchase price must be made at the time of purchase, and the balance must be paid in no more than ten equal annual installments, or (2) the payments must be made in accordance with county board policy, but in no event may the board require more than 12 installments annually, and the contract term must not be for more than ten years.

State Resources:

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