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Primary Sale Type: Tax Deed Secondary Type(s): OTC Sale Date(s): Varies: set by local taxing jurisdiction Bid Type: Premium Bidding Rate of Return: NA Redemption Period: NA Over-the-Counter: Deed Statute Section(s): Minnesota Statutes - CH 279-282 State Website: www.state.mn.us State Overview: There are 87 counties in Minnesota. County Directory The two most populous areas in Minnesota are Hennepin (1,116,000+) and Ramsey (511,000+) County. Search Demographics: Minnesota is classified as a Tax Deed state. Tax delinquent lands are forfeited to the state in May of each year. If the homeowner does not redeem their property from the state, it will be sold at a public oral auction organized by the local auditor. Sales are held annually, usually in autumn months, and those parcels offered that do not sell will be available as OTC, until sold. Auction Process / Redemption: Sales are held at public oral auction, though many counties will allow ...

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