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Primary Sale Type: Tax Lien Certificate
Secondary Type(s): OTC
Sale Date(s): Biannually: April & August
Bid Type: Premium Bidding
Rate of Return: 18% per annum
Redemption Period: 2 years from date of sale
Over-the-Counter: Deed
Statute Section(s): MS Code - Title 27
State Website: www.mississippi.gov

State Overview:

There are 82 counties in Mississippi.

County Directory

The two most populous areas in Mississippi are Hinds (245,000+) and Harrison (187,000+) County.

Search Demographics:

Mississippi is classified as a Tax Lien Certificate state, however does offer OTC Deeds after multiple unsuccessful lien offerings. The tax sale shall be held either on the first Monday of April or on the last Monday of August, the tax collector may exercise his option to hold a sale on either day.

Auction Process / Redemption:

Once the collector decides on which date to hold the sale, parcels are offered at public auction using the 'Premium Bid' method. The winning bidder is then awarded the certificate with a redemption period of 2 years from the date of sale, while accruing an interest of 1.5% per month until the debt is repaid.

State Resources:

Resource Description Instructions and Additional Information
Mississippi State Tax Commission Contact information for County Tax Collectors in an Excel spreadsheet format. NA
Mississippi1Stop.com Contact information for County Tax Collectors. Click on the Assessors/Collectors link.
Mississippi.gov Local Government Links to county websites, if such exist. NA