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Primary Sale Type: Tax Lien Certificate
Secondary Type(s): Collector's Deed
Sale Date(s): Annually: 4th Monday in August (Lien)Varies: set by county (Deed)

Bid Method: Bidding-Down-Ownership (Lien)Premium Bidding (Deed)
Rate of Return: 10 % per annum, 8% on subsequent taxes (Lien)
Redemption Period: 1 year from date of sale (Lien)
Over-the-Counter: NA - Collector's Deed is free & clear, but scheduled
Statute Section(s): MO Revised Statutes - CH 140, 141
State Website: www.mo.gov

State Overview:

There are 114 counties in Missouri.

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The two most populous areas in Missouri are St. Louis (998,000+) and Jackson (674,000+) County.

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Missouri is classified as a Tax Lien state. Tax Lien Certificate sales are held annually, however if a property does not sell after 2 scheduled offerings, then Tax Deeds are offered.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Anyone may bid if you are a Missouri resident at least 18 years of age, not currently delinquent on any property taxes; an Affidavit stating such has to be turned in prior to auction. No Out of State Resident may bid unless they have filed with the Collector an agreement as per required in RSMo 140.190, consenting to the jurisdiction of the circuit court of Hickory County and also filing with the collector an appointment of some citizen of Hickory County as agent of the purchaser. All out of state bidders must be registered by the Wednesday prior to the sale. All Certificates of Purchase and Deeds will be issued in the Agent’s name: it will then be the responsibility of the Agent to transfer title to the Purchaser. (140.190)

Auction Process / Redemption:

Tax Lien Certificate sales are held annually, the 4th Monday of August, and commissioned by the local tax collector. Bidders compete through the 'Bid Down Ownership' system for lien sales, and 'Premium Bidding' for the less common deed sale. For liens, the redemption period is set at 1 year from the date of sale, accruing an interest of 10% per annum, and 8% on any subsequent taxes. Deeds are not subject to an interest rate, but do allow the homeowner up to 90 days to redeem their property before the deed is officially awarded to the purchaser.

In case of an investor purchasing land, his heirs or assigns, fails to take a tax deed for the land so purchased within six months after the expiration of the one year next following the date of sale, no interest shall be charged or collected from the redemptioner after that time.

State Resources:

Resource Description Instructions and Additional Information
Missouri State County Government Links to counties websites, if such exists. NA
Missouri County Collectors Association Contact information and websites, if such exists, for all 115 County Collectors. NA