New York

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Primary Sale Type: Tax Deed
Secondary Type(s): Tax Lien Certificate (select counties only)
Sale Date(s): Varies: set by taxing jurisdiction
Bid Type: Varies: set by taxing jurisdiction
Rate of Return: 20% per annum (Lien)
Redemption Period: 2 years from date of sale (Lien)
Over-the-Counter: Deeds
Statute Section(s): NY Real Property Tax Law - CH 50-a, Article 11
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State Overview:

There are 62 counties in New York.

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The two most populous areas in New York are Kings (2,504,000+) and Queens (2,230,000+) County.

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New York is primarily classified as a Tax Deed state. Only select counties, such as New York and Nassau, conduct Tax Lien Certificate sales. However, all counties, and some municipalities, do participate in Tax Deed sales. Sales are held throughout the year at a time set by the individual county's preferences. OTC sales are also available as county held land.

Auction Process / Redemption:

New York tax sales vary greatly depending on the location, contact the local treasurer or enforcing officer to inquire about specific counties auction procedures. When applicable, the interest rate is set at 10% per 6 months and 20% per annum. The redemption period shall expire two years after lien issuance date, except that a tax district may increase the redemption period for residential or farm property.

In the state of New York, each deed must be accompanied by a Real Property Transfer Report. Click here to view the forms and instructions.

State Resources:

Resource Description Instructions and Additional Information
NY municipalities usings Image Mate Image Mate is a website that a handful of New York municipalities use for their parcel search and/or GIS data searches. NA
NYC's Department of Finance Tax lien certificate sales occur in the 5 burrows; however, the liens are not offered for sale to individual investors or to the general public. Detailed information can be found here. NA
Brzostek's Auctions Brzostek's Auctions is an online auction site who has handled the Jefferson County and Onondaga County auctions for the past couple of years. NA
Reynolds Auctions Handles tax deed auctions for select counties. NA
NYS Auctions An online auction site that handles tax deed auctions in New York. NA
Haroff Auction & Realty, Inc. An online auction site that handles tax deed auctions in New York. NA
Allegany County Clerk This Allegany County deed recording page is a great resource for instructions on recording deeds. NA