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There are several ways to participate in the benefits tax sales without actually attending a tax sale. Using tax sale lists investors can create lump sums of cash, passive income and increase net worth.

Tax Liens: Your path to wealth

Government mandated interest between 12% to 36% per year. provides investors with monthly tax lien lists all across the country. You will be able pick and choose where you buy liens and what interest rate you will receive.  Read More…

Tax Deeds: A flippers dream

Tax deed investors use these lists to buy real estate at steeply discounted prices to sell immediately or rent for long term cash flow.  Read More…

Post-Auction: Recover hidden money

When properties sell in excess of the taxes owed, the person who lost the property is supposed to get the difference. Unfortunately very few people are aware of this so the money just sits in the county coffers. Sadly, usually just a few years later, statutes of limitation end and the county is able to take possession.

Pre-Auction: : Avoid the competition

Advanced techniques allow investors to negotiate directly with property owners prior to a  tax auction to either keep someone in the home or give them cash to in exchange for the deed. This allows investors to avoid auction over bidding.  

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