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Primary Sale Type: Tax Deed Secondary Type(s): Tax Lien Certificate (select counties only) Sale Date(s): Annually: set by taxing jurisdiction (Lien) Varies: set by taxing jurisdiction (Deed)  Bid Type: Bidding-Down-Interest (Lien) Premium Bidding (Deed) Rate of Return: 18% per annum - maximum interest (Lien) Redemption Period: 1 year from date of sale (Lien) Over-the-Counter: NA Statute Section(s): OH Revised Code - Title 57 CH 5721, 5723 State Website: www.ohio.gov State Overview: There are 88 counties in Ohio. County Directory The two most populous areas in Ohio are Cuyahoga (1,393,000+) and Franklin (1,068,000+) County. Search Demographics: Only select counties were allowed to hold annual Certificate sales until recent legislation opened up the posibility for any county to opt to host a Tax Certificate sale. Most are still utilizing the Tax Deed system, but this may change over the next few years. Auction Process / Redemption: When applicable, Tax Certificate sales are ...

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