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Primary Sale Type: Tax Deed
Secondary Type(s): Commissioner's Deed
Sale Date(s): Annually: 2nd Monday in June
Bid Type: Premium Bidding
Rate of Return: NA
Redemption Period: NA
Over-the-Counter: Deed
Statute Section(s): Oklahoma Statute - Title 68 Article 31
State Website: www.ok.gov

State Overview:

There are 77 counties in Oklahoma.

County Directory

The two most populous areas in Oklahoma are Oklahoma (718,000+) and Tulsa (603,000+) County.

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Oklahoma is classified as a Tax Deed state. However, if parcels are not bid on at the annual sale held on the 2nd Monday of June, they are retained by the county and reoffered as a Comissioner's Deed during a scheduled sale anytime after the closing of the June Resale. One may place a bid on a county held property with the local treasurer who may opt to hold another auction to allow for competing bids, after notification has been published in the local paper. Select counties may also opt to offer parcels as OTC deeds.

Auction Process / Redemption:

Tax Tax Deed Resales are conducted as regularly scheduled by law through the local treasurer and adhere to the 'Premium Bid' method. All property must be sold for a sum not less than two-thirds of the assessed value of such real estate as fixed for the current fiscal year, or for the total amount of taxes, penalties, interest and cost due on such property, whichever is the lesser. However, all statutory fees, costs due to advertising, abstracting and treasurer's cost will be included in the final bid. If there is no bid, a deed will be issued to the County, but the County cannot bid. Once the deed is issued to the county, the treasurer may opt to make parcels available through either a competative OTC sale or a scheduled Commissioner's Deed sale.

State Resources:

Resource Description Instructions and Additional Information
Oklahoma Tax Commission Contact Information for all 77 Oklahoma County Treasurers, Assessors, and Clerk/ Recorders. Click the county name, and then locate the contact information.
Oklahoma County Treasurers Links to those county websites which have tax sale and/or tax roll and assesment information online. Click any of the 25 yellow or 19 gray counties for county links.