Tax Lien Investing is the same techniques used by insurance companies pension funds and investment bankers to build their holdings year after year.
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Properties worth hundreds of thousands of dollars can be yours for only a few hundred or a few thousand dollars in back taxes. 
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What Everyone Ought to Know About Tax Sale Investing

For those of you, new to tax lien and tax deed investing. Let me take just a minute or so to give you a glimpse into why we believe tax liens and tax deeds, to be some of the world’s best investment opportunities.

Although a majority of Americans have never heard of it, This strategy has actually been around for more than a century and is even more straightforward than you might think and the best part with today’s tough economy there’s never been a better time to invest in tax liens and tax deeds.
So what exactly is a tax lien or a tax deed?
Well, it works like this: Police departments, firefighters, public schools, roads and other public services all of these are taxpayer funded. Each of us benefits, so each of us are expected to pay our fair share through payment of our property taxes.

But what happens if somebody doesn’t pay their property taxes?

Do the firefighters stop putting out fires? Of course, Not! Every state and county in the country has established a mechanism to keep these services rolling, even if someone fails to pay their property taxes.
But, what if you could help keep those services running while earning a government mandated the return of 10, 18, or even 25 percent or more on your investments.
Here’s how it works.
If somebody fails to pay his or her property taxes, the county notifies the property owner of the default and issues a tax lien on the property. That lien then sits there on the property waiting to be satisfied when the home sells. 

In fact, by law, the tax lien takes the first position on the property. Meaning that the tax lien is paid off first even, before the mortgage. This means that before anything else the county collects their outstanding tax bill. That’s the way it works, in a perfect world. 

But what if the property doesn’t sell right away? Well! At some point, the county simply can’t afford to wait on the property owner any longer, and they sell the tax lien to an interested third party. A tax lien investor for example.
The Tax Lien investor pays the county the outstanding balance of the tax lien which of course lets the local services get back to the business of putting out fires and responding to police calls.
The investor then assumes ownership of the tax lien. This means that instead of paying the county the property owner now has an obligation to pay the investor for their back taxes.

And the best part, the investor not only recoup their initial investment they also collect penalties and interest on the outstanding tax balance as well. 

This entire process is regulated by Government statutes.
As a tax lien investor, you have the power of state and local government in your corner protecting you. And mandating that you earn your money back plus penalties and interest or you can then turn around and foreclose on the property and liquidate the asset for a profit. 
That’s the power of tax lien and tax deed investing.

Safe secured investing backed by government mandate. So safe in fact you could potentially own a property worth hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions of dollars for only a fraction of the cost.
Here’s how?
After a period of time, if the property owner still refuses to pay their property taxes. The tax lien investor can actually force a sale of the property or in the case of states that issue tax deeds; they can actually take ownership of the property for as little as the cost of the initial tax lien. 

Properties worth hundreds of thousands of dollars can be yours for only a few hundred or a few thousand dollars in back taxes. 

Properties like spec homes or raw land agricultural property or even commercial properties worth millions. And believe it or not, it doesn’t take a mint to get started. 

Tax liens are available for purchase for as little as $50 and up. There is any number of reasons why a property owner might fall delinquent on their property taxes: from legal disputes to poor business decisions to simply falling behind in today’s tough economy. 

The important thing to remember is that tax lien investors come to the rescue to ensure county services are able to roll on. And remember by law a tax lien takes the first position on the property even ahead of any mortgage.

This means that unless the property owner redeems the tax lien within a specific period of time, known as the Redemption period. The investor can take control of the property completely wiping out the mortgage becoming the property owner for only the cost of the original tax lien.

As the holder of the tax lien, you now have the right to sell the property at full market value reaping a huge potential return on your investment legally and lawfully.
There are really only two challenges that stand between you and safe, consistent returns on your money. First knowing exactly where to find the opportunities and second understanding the step-by-step processes, you need to follow, in order to successfully invest in tax liens and tax deeds.
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