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State agency takes in $2M at auction of tax-forfeited land in central Arkansas

The state land commissioner's largest delinquent tax sale of the season garnered more than $2 million after bidders purchased 217 of the 431 plots of land, homes and businesses on the auction block Tuesday at Verizon Arena.

The properties, located in Pulaski County, were put up for sale in hopes of recovering more than $1 million in past-due county real estate taxes that had been on the books for about five years.

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Clay County approves online tax sale contract

Clay County's next delinquent property tax sale will be done online.

Clay supervisors Monday approved a contract with GovEase to hold the sale this August. The county has been discussing the idea for a couple of months and agreed after being satisfied that local buyers would easily be able to participate.

GovEase started online tax sales in the state with two counties in 2016 and grew to 19 counties, including Lowndes and Chickasaw, last year. It expects to have as many as 50 counties this year.

Clay Tax Assessor Paige Lamkin has pushed the online sale as a way to improve efficiency and increase competitive bidding while not cutting out local bidders who have taken part in tax sales for years.

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1,200-Plus Properties on County Auction Block in San Diego

Starting Monday, interested bidders can register for the online tax sale auction, hosted by the San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collector’s Office (TTC). This is the second virtual auction for the agency following the record-breaking sales last year.

“Bidders enthusiastically responded to the ease and convenience that our online auction brings,” Treasurer-Tax Collector Dan McAllister said. “We were able to sell 648 properties for $7.8 million in 2017, topping our previous sales record of $3.5 million in 2013.”

If the trend continues, this year’s auction could break another record for the county, he said.

This year’s auction will take place from May 4 to 9 and registration ends April 26. Bidders must put up a $1,000 refundable deposit and a nonrefundable $35 processing fee before April 27. Read more here

Manhattan, Kansas, County tax sale set for June 29

Property owners with delinquent taxes will have until the end of June to pay up before the properties are sold at auction.

Craig Cox, assistant county counselor, told county commissioners the county tax sale will be at 10 a.m. June 29, in the county commission chamber. Property owners with delinquent taxes have until the day of the auction to redeem their properties. The auction includes 98 parcels with at least three years of back taxes, though Cox said he anticipates a few more owners will pay their debt before the sale.

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Cambria County holding tax sale seminars
EBENSBURG – With about 2,000 properties throughout Cambria County available for purchase through tax sales, officials are holding seminars to inform the public about the necessary steps to purchase those homes and bring them back into taxation. 

Jo Anne Ranck, director of the county’s tax claim bureau, explained that there are several ways in which delinquent properties are sold. 

Upset sales occur after property taxes have not been paid in two years. Held annually the Monday after Labor Day, all properties must go through an upset sale before being offered at another type of sale. 

The starting price for properties at upset sale is the amount of taxes due on the property, with purchasers responsible for all liens, mortgages and judgments. 

Anything that is not sold at an upset sale can be requested for private tax sale or judicial sale. 

Private sales are held in Cambria County four times each year – in March, May, August and November. Minimum bids are $200 and purchasers are also responsible for all liens, mortgages and judgments. 

Ranck said about 30 properties are sold at each private sale, and the next one is scheduled for March 16 at Cambria County Courthouse. Read more here
Next Hamilton County back-tax sale may be held online

Hamilton County (Tennessee) has had good luck selling old vehicles and surplus equipment online, and now it's looking at conducting its annual back-tax sale the same way.

County Trustee Bill Hullander briefed county commissioners at their agenda session Wednesday morning. Next week, commissioners will vote whether to contract with Archon Information Systems LLC to conduct tax-sale auctions this year. If commissioners close the deal and everyone's happy, the contract could be renewed one year at a time for up to three years.

Each year, the county auctions off properties it acquired after the owners failed to pay taxes for several years. In the past, the auction has been held in early June. Dozens of potential buyers crowd into the county commission room to bid on hundreds of properties, ranging from houses and lots to odd bits and pieces of land here and there.

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Maui real property tax sale set for Tuesday, Nov. 14

WAILUKU - The county Department of Finance will hold a real property tax sale on Tuesday, Nov. 14, and will continue the sale on Wednesday, Nov. 15, if necessary. The sale will auction off properties that have been delinquent for three or more years and have received their final notice of tax sale.

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Porter County Tax Sale results in $1.8 million collected in delinquent taxes
Porter County officials held their annual delinquent property tax sale on Oct. 24, resulting in the collection of $1,873,858 in delinquent taxes from owners and buyers.
The sale was conducted by County Auditor Vicki Urbanik and County Treasurer Michelle Clancy. A property tax sale is required to be held in each Indiana county for those properties where an owner fails to pay the property taxes from the prior year’s first property tax bill installment. A tax lien on the property may be sold to satisfy the tax obligation to the highest bidder. The owners of the properties sold at the tax sale have one year to pay the delinquent property taxes, costs, and penalties to keep the property.
The sale, conducted by Indianapolis-based SRI Incorporated on behalf of Porter County, offered 462 parcels to 53 bidders. Prior to Tuesday’s sale, owners of 411 other tax delinquent parcels paid their taxes in full to remove their properties from the sale.
In total, 516 parcels had all taxes, penalties, and costs paid in full. “Tax sales are a necessary function of county government,” Clancy said. “It is only fair to the people who pay their property taxes every year to pursue those who do not pay.”
For the 357 properties that did not sell, the County Commissioners acquire a tax lien. The Commissioners may offer those properties to the public at a sale at a later date. “It is our ultimate goal to return these properties to the tax rolls as quickly and efficiently as possible,” Urbanik said. “Property owned by people who pay their property taxes help ensure that our local government services are fully funded.”
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2017 Negotiated Tax Certificate Sale in Summit County

The parcels eligible for the 2017 Negotiated Tax Certificate Sale in Summit County.  Please be aware that this is not the final sale batch file that will be offered for sale.  An updated file will be sent on a more frequent basis from now until  the scheduled sale date of Thursday, November 9, 2017.  The file will be updated regularly due to real estate tax payments, bankruptcy filings and delinquent contracts.


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Lawrence County Tax Sale Sept. 13
Lawrence County (Indiana) is hosting a tax sale Sept. 13. Find more info here
Lee County will conduct its summer tax sale
TUPELO – Impressed by an apparent uptick in auction revenue, Lee County will conduct its summer tax sale via the internet for a second consecutive year. Read more. 
Jenkins, KY, to hold tax sale
The City of Jenkins, KY, will advertise a list of delinquent taxpayers soon and will then offer their tax bills for sale to third party June 28. More info here
Clarke seeks review of city land sales

City Council President Darrell L. Clarke plans to ask Thursday for a review of the city’s process for selling vacant tax-delinquent land, following the sale of dozens of properties that were supposed to go to the Land Bank.


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