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Primary Sale Type: Tax Deed Secondary Type(s): OTC Sale Date(s): Annually: December - February Bid Type: Premium Bidding Rate of Return: NA Redemption Period: NA Over-the-Counter: Deed Statute Section(s): Revised Code of Washington - Title 84 State Website: www.wa.gov State Overview: There are 39 counties in Washington. County Directory The two most populous areas in Washington are King (1,931,000+) and Pierce (795,000+) County. Search Demographics: Washington is classified as a Tax Deed state. After a period of 3 years of unpaid taxes, the county treasurer will initiate a foreclosure on the properties and list them as delinquent. All delinquent property taxes that are not redeemed by the property owner by the end of 3 years "after the property first became delinquent" will be foreclosed upon. Auction Process / Redemption: Washington is an oral bid state that uses the "Premium Bid" mehtod. Each participant is required to register before the auction ...

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