West Virginia

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Primary Sale Type: Tax Lien Certificate Secondary Type(s): Tax Deed / OTC Sale Date(s): Annually: September - November Bid Type: Premium Bidding Rate of Return: 12% per annum Redemption Period: 18 months from date of sale Over-the-Counter: Deed Statute Section(s): West Virginia Code - CH 11A State Website: www.wv.gov State Overview: There are 55 counties in West Virginia. County Directory West Virginia Land Sales Search Delinquent Land Properties Search Demographics: West Virginia is classified as a Tax Lien Certificate state. Though, select counties may also opt to offer Tax Deeds as well. The public auction of liens must be held after October 14, but before November 23. Parcels that are not bid on are held over and reoffered at the next annual lien sale. If the redemption period expires and no one has bid on the parcel, the county will offer an OTC Tax Deed. Auction Process / Redemption: The ...

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