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Primary Sale Type: Tax Deed Secondary Type(s): OTC Sale Date(s): Varies: set by taxing jurisdiction Bid Type: Premium Bidding Rate of Return: NA Redemption Period: NA Over-the-Counter: Deed Statute Section(s): Wisconsin Statutes - CH 74, 75 State Website: www.wisconsin.gov State Overview: There are 72 counties in Wisconsin. County Directory The two most populous areas in Wisconsin are Milwaukee (947,000+) and Dane (488,000+) County. Search Demographics: Wisconsin is classified as a Tax Deed state. Every year, at the beginning of September, the county treasurer will issue certificates to the county on all over due taxes. The county then holds these certificates for a period of two years. After August 31st of the second year, any properties that are still delinquent will be foreclosed upon by the county which holds the certificate. Auction Process / Redemption: To participate in a auction, you will need to register prior the sales date, but most ...

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